Tuesday, 14 February 2012

To Valentine...Or Not

So, it's Valentine's Day. The romantic in me is all, yayyyyy! A day to celebrate love! How awesome.

But then as I was walking through M&S this morning trying to find my favourite Brocolli & Stilton Soup to warm my cockles (they'd ran out, arggghhh!), I saw a few harried-looking men clutching at-the-point-of-wilting roses and, to be honest, I got a whole "what's the point?" feeling.

I felt sorry for these men who looked like shopping for roses was the last thing they wanted to be doing.

Don't get me wrong. I like the idea of Valentine's Day. I also like the idea of Pancake Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and of course, Christmas. What I don't like is the ever-escalating whiff of desperation and commercialism that seems associated with V's Day. The half-dozen long stemmed red roses and card I received this morning from my DH made me happy. But last year I received...nothing, and I was still happy. Why? Because he shows his love every day and I don't want or need a special gesture to know he loves me.

So to all who stress about Valentine's Day (especially the guys) I say, please give yourselves a break. If you can have pancakes every day (I wish I could!), or call your mum or dad to tell them you love them, then you can celebrate Valentine's Day every day, too.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this so-called special day of love?

Maya x

PS - I didn't get my DH a card this year, and he's ok with it. I think...


  1. I think all the commercialism is crazy and takes away from the point. Showing someone you love them is as easy as a hug and kiss, or a gesture like a hand-made card, or special breakfast, or even doing something simple like the dishes after breakfast (if it's something not normally done). Actions speak louder than roses and chocolate. (okay, well, maybe not the chocolate part, lol) Happy V-day, Maya. xo

  2. Well said, Maya. At our house we kind of just let it pass by. Maybe cards or maybe not, but either way we're both fine with it.

    I agree with Kate, you show someone you love, that you love them every day. Not just one day a year. And the commercialism has really ruined any of the sentimentality behind it.

    Any day is a good day for chocolate!

  3. My thoughts exactly, Kate! Happy V-Day to you too :)

  4. Hear hear for every day being chocolate day, Sutton. I plan on digging into my rainy-day stash tonight. Diet? What diet? lol.

  5. This year Valentine's in our house was centred on the kids. Little girls just adore pink and hearts and flowers, and they made such cute stuff at school on the day, so even though we didn't celebrate, it was my best Valentine's Day ever.

    I'm not averse to a day dedicated to love, but I'll admit the crass commercialism of it gets to me. And I boycott restaurants on the day. My advice: take your loved one out to dinner on 13th February. You'll get better service, better food, and won't have to pay an over-inflated Valentine's price. And your partner will still appreciate it!

  6. Awww, so cute that your girls had a great time. My daughter loves the whole idea too. 6yo son couldn't give a damn, lol.

    I don't I've ever been out for a meal on Valentine's Day, tbh. Maybe a movie but never a meal, thank god! Would rather stay home with a take-out and a glass of wine!