Sunday, 19 February 2012


This writing business! Just when you think you've nailed one aspect of it, another aspect rises up and bites you in the proverbial.

My current monster is motivation. I'm having to re-educate myself on this in my current ms because it seems my characters have, umm, none! They just wanna get jiggy *sigh*.

Anyway, my lovely CP Romy has a post on this that will help authors (if, like me, you need help). Until I manage to inject some much-needed motivation into my H&h, I'm going to content myself with gazing at David Gandy and count on him to, ahem, motivate me...

Word on the street is he's very talented in all sorts of motivational ways *wink*

I can feel his magic working already!


  1. Hero goal - to get jiggy.
    Heroine goal - to 'fix some situation'
    Hero motivation - jiggy, good.
    Heroine motivation - Once I have discharged my responsibilities, I can own the power of having charge of my own life, my own choices (spots hero...cor)
    Hero conflict - She's ignoring me, must try harder.
    Heroine conflict - Is it frivalous to just want to jump hero when I have work to do?

    At this point, author leaves room, and leaves them to it...

  2. ROFL! You've given me my first laugh of the day. Thank you :)
    I've just left them to it. I'm hoping one of them will break something...soon, lol.

  3. LOL!! That's hilarious, Sally!!

    I'm afraid that while Gandy inspired me ... it was just to stare at him but not to write any actual words!

  4. Hmmm, did you try composing a sonnet in honour of that slow strip?? That might work *wink*

  5. David ... is all I'll ever need. Big sigh. Massively distracted now. More big sighs ...

  6. Thanks for the shout-out Maya - and also for the delightful picture.