Monday, 6 February 2012


A few weeks ago, I noticed something on my Twitter feed. Every five or so tweets, I came across a link to something called Pinterest.

Then it became every three or four tweets. About a week ago, I realised literally every other tweet had a link to Pinterest. So what did I do? Yep, I clicked.

Sigh. No need to say it, I'm a sucker for something new and shiny. Then I noticed something else. This new, shiny thing could be great for me. Aside from the potentially huge timesuck I could feel myself getting (inevitably) drawn into, it could be the perfect forum for something which a lot of writers do but I haven't found the courage to attempt yet - storyboarding or vision-boarding!

Inspired, you say?

Well, we'll see. For now, I'm busy dragging anything that catches my ey from the internet onto my board via a simple Pin-It link and already I'm seeing the beginnings of my next-next story forming.

You can make your board as elaborate as you like - check out Nicola Marsh's board for Busted in Bollywood - wow! Or as random as you like, like, ummm, mine.

What? Don't scoff, I've only been signed for all of five minutes, so give me time...yeesh!

Seriously, I think this could work out perfectly for future stories and I'm quite excited about using this tool. Until then, I'm going to explore some more, find interesting Pinterests to follow.

If you feel like exploring Pinterest or following me, come join the, I mean, FUN!!

Maya x


  1. omg! I've seen those links, yet wasn't brave enough to click. Thanks for sharing.

    How fun! Oh dear, I can feel the pull, even now...I must go back and look. Just one more time. I could have missed something! :)

  2. LOL....I'm laughing Maya because I joined on Wednesday but was at work so didn't get a lot of time to play...:-(

    But I do love it although I hear you about it being a huge time suck....

  3. Maya! I wondered what you were doing in the writing cave... No!! no more pinterest until you're finished!!

  4. I've been contemplating signing up to Pinterest. Your blog post just convinced me. see you there!

  5. Come on over, Sutton, you know you want to ;)

  6. Woo, I'll go and find you in a moment, Sri!

  7. But...but it's ADDICTIVE, Sally!

  8. Woot! Come on over to the dark side, Romy! Mwahahahaha....