Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Onwards and Upwards

So the New Voices Top Ten have been announced. Mega congrats and huge glasses of bubbly to the lucky 10 who made the cut! I'm looking forward to reading your second chapters :)

I also know a LOT of people (813 to be exact) who are disappointed and who are thinking.....

To those brave souls, I raise an even bigger glass of bubbly in your honour because you know what? It took courage to submit your entry, have it read and commented on by the world and his aunt (sometimes not so politely) and remain sane without running screaming for the hills, or (more likely) throwing a giant wobbly! You all have my deepest respect.

BUT (you knew there was one, right?) now, it's time to concentrate on something different. By different I don't mean throw away your NV sub. No. I mean, pick yourself up, put NV behind you and use the momentum you had this time last week to finish that second, third, and last chapter and sub, sub, sub!

If this reads like a pep talk, it's because it is :) Going around blogland in the past couple of days, I know how disheartened people are. But it's time to put the chocolate to one side (ok, maybe not), ditch the wallowing and get back on that writing horse.

I wish you nothing but awesome ideas for your next story and fast fingers to write it with. If you've decided to do something completely different, that's ok too, but I'd love to know so tell me, what are your post-NV plans?



  1. Hi Maya - my post-NV plan is to rest. My eyes had started to ache from reading so many opening chapters on my laptop screen, so they definitely deserve a break.

    Now anxiously waiting for next week's List. Depending on that, I'll decide whether to bin the NV story and start something else, or whether to carry on ...

  2. Taking a break to recharge batteries is always a great idea, even if it's a short one before the NV list comes out! Hope you get lots of rest :)

  3. Great post, Maya. I need a big kick to get my medical finished so I can sub a partial.


  4. Oh, good luck with the partial, Suzanne! I'm sure the eds will love it!