Saturday, 9 October 2010

The List & The Party!!!

So, the long awaited LIST is out. If you don't know what I'm talking about...well, what can I say...
Anyway, I was very sad (and extremely puzzled) to see none of my favourites made it onto the list. But fear not, ladies, with Joanne Pibworth's new invention of the KOKO cocktail and the smorgasbord of hotties waiting to serve them, your blue funk will not last long.

Throw your glad rags on, slink that feather boa around your necks and head on over to The Minxes Blog for The Party Of The Year!!!

See you there!!


  1. I been. I partied. ;)

    And I am absolutely in the same boat as you on confused, puzzled and really, really sad. I was stunned no Minxes and no Sassies were there. Not to mention the wonderful and brilliant Jo Dixon and Elissa Graham. (there are others, I'm sure, but as I've mentioned...I was bad about reading for the comp...)

    But I raise my glass (been to Joanne Ps blog already) to those who entered. You're a very brave and talented crew.

  2. LOL I love that Maisey's making the rounds with a KOKO cocktail in hand!

    I've decided I'm suffering chapter withdrawal. I want more of my favorites and I can't have more. I think I'm most disappointed about that and I really hope everyone'll submit and put me out of my misery ;)

  3. Have just been over - the party's still in full swing.


  4. Just nipping in with a tray of KOKO's - bottoms up girls!
    List? What list? ...

  5. Yes, Maisey, hear hear to the brave souls who entered. As to why our faves weren't picked...well, I'm sure the editors have their reasons. Hope you're enjoying the drinks :)

  6. Lacey, I'm confidential that your faves will be published one day. Only downside is the wait to read their fab work :)

  7. Wey hey, Suz. We're not leaving until they throw us out! What d'you mean it's Monday morning? It's still Friday night in my heart!

  8. Bottoms up, chica! Your drinks are going down a treat!