Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Author Spotlight: Rae Summers

On this third round of The Wild Rose Press blog tour, I'm so very thrilled to welcome Rae Summers, who isn't just another awesome writer, but also my critique partner *cue fabulous air kisses here*

So pull up a chair and let me give you a brief bio about my dear friend.

Rae Summers lives in South Africa where she works in television advertising, a line of work that is only glamorous on very rare occasions. When she isn't working or being mom to two young daughters, Rae can be found with her nose in a book.

Rae's first grade teacher was so seriously concerned by her day dreaming that she called her parents in for a conference. Fortunately, her parents staunchly defended Rae's right to daydream and these days she's able to prove their faith right by turning those day dreams into stories. She hopes her stories bring as much pleasure to her readers as they bring to her.

Maya Blake: Since we know about the day dreaming, lol, tell us - at what age were you bitten by the writing bug?

Rae Summers: I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. My mother still has school notebooks from when I was just learning to write in which I made up stories. Even then fantasy and reality were woven together!

MB: How weird is that? I think my mom has some notebooks of mine too! What genre are you most comfortable writing in?

RS: I enjoy writing contemporary romances, because it’s something we can all identify with. I also enjoy historicals (especially unusual eras like the 1920s) and I’d love to try my hand some day at paranormal (but again, I’m a trend-bucker, so don’t expect vampires or werewolves!)

MB: Writing-wise, where do you expect to be in five years’ time?

RS: Within five years I’d love to be able to give up the day job for a career I can do in my pyjamas … being a writer. I hope to be published in print by a category romance publisher, and also to have several more books published as eBooks. And I’d like to wake up every morning with a spring in my step, glad to be alive. Right now, I guess that last one is the only thing I have some control over!

MB: Here's to all those dreams coming true, Rae. Next question - What’s your perfect writing habit e.g. do you prefer background noise (like music? birdsong? tinkling waterfall?) or complete silence when writing?

RS: I don’t mind music when I’m writing, but I tend to write in silence simply because most of my writing is done either early in the morning or late at night when the kids are asleep, so I’m careful not to make any noise that might wake them (and end my precious writing time!). In an ideal world, I’d write in a quiet, uncluttered studio with an inspiring view and soulful music.

MB: If you had to pick just one, which do you think is the most important in a good story: character, voice, or plot? Why?

RS: For me, characters are most important. I have to know who my characters are before I start, and the plot will inevitably follow. (The characters inevitably take over the story and dictate the plot any way). Voice is something that I guess we’re born with. We can polish it and develop it, but it’s there regardless.

MB: Writing is a consuming business. Do you ever get down time and how do you spend this time?

RS: Writing is my down time. Every other waking hour of the day is spent at the day job or being a mom to my kids and running a household. I still read, but I could live without books as much as I could live without air to breathe, so that’s a necessity rather than a luxury. My favourite moment of every day is lying in a steaming hot bath full of bubbles, with a glass of red wine, and the chance to think about my current WIP. That’s also when I get some of my best ideas.

MB: Ah, the wonders of a hot bath and a glass of wine! Tell us about your latest book/project

RS: My recent release is Let’s Misbehave, a novella set in London in 1928. It’s the story of Gabrielle, a nightclub singer, the ultimate Flapper and wild child, who meets her match in staid aristocrat Sebastian.

What starts out as a little fun changes both their lives.

I’m also currently working on another 1920s novella, this time set on the Amalfi coast of Italy in the early 20s.

Readers can buy Let’s Misbehave from The Wild Rose Press and from Amazon

MB: Having read Let's Misbehave, I can thoroughly recommend it, ladies and gents! And I'm not just saying this, there are spectacular reviews to prove it! So, as an author, what’s the best advice you’ve been given or would like to give new writers?

RS: It’s been said before, but the advice I’d give is: Persevere. No matter what, don’t give up.

MB: Very sound advice, indeed. So, how do readers contact you?

RS: I have a blog at and readers can email me at I’d love to hear feedback or suggestions from readers, so don’t be shy!

Thank you so much for visiting today, Rae. It's a pleasure, as always, to spend time with you. While Rae answers any questions visitors might like to post, I'll be hanging out with Caroline Clemmons today, so please stop by and say hi.
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  1. Great post, Rae! Loved Let's Misbehave, and looking forward to reading your next one!

  2. Rae, nice interview. Don't know how working moms find time to write. Glad you do.

    Maya, lovely site.

  3. Thanks, Caroline. Glad you stopped by :)

  4. Great interview! I can so relate to the hot bubble bath! They are so rejuvenating.