Saturday, 14 August 2010

5 Things I'm Saying No To...And Meaning It

Eeep! Even writing this post heading makes me cringe! I have two children - ages 8 & 5 -who learnt very quickly (probably within seconds of birth) that their mommy can't say no to them when it comes to the little things, like "can I have another sweetie?" or "can I use the computer?". The latter tends to happen just when I've logged on, of course! These I've learnt to accept as my lot in life.

But then there're the other time sucks, like friends and neighbours calling just to chat, or the sales caller who's so sweet you can't help but listen patiently while she tells you why you have to have that sewage insurance just in case, you know, the sewage tank thingy buried in your back yard decides to blow up!

I realised something had to give when I started hiding from my neighbours and getting hubby to answer the phone, then waving madly to indicate I'm not there. Why? Because I had BIG PLANS to finish at least one short story during my two-week vacation and as of six days into said vacation...NADA!

I'm hugely frustrated! Time is slipping away, the books aren't getting written or revised and the bossman is shooting me looks now every time the phone rings and I back away from it.

So I've made a pledge...I WILL say NO to five things...and mean it.

1. No to phone calls between the alloted writing time.

2. No to blog surfing or Twittering (no matter how much I'm tempted!!!)

3. No to Internet "researching" FULL STOP.

4. No to offers of picnic in the park with coffee and cake afterwards *weeps*.

5. And definitely, definitely, NO to hubby and kids popping in with the "we just wondered if you'd like..." (insert temptation of choice here). For me this leads to all sorts of procrastinating, often of the eating and drinking variety.

So to start me off, I've just said a firmly put the phone down on a lovely lady trying to sell me her will-making services (I must just regret that later!) and I'm firmly in writing mode (well, writing this blog, anyway). The Internet will be going off next so I can't sneak peeks at Twitter or find out what the Minxes are up to!

I can only thank God that I'm not really a TV watcher!

I feel empowered...for now, but further tips are very welcome. How do you say no and mean it without getting the you've-just-killed-my-pet look?


  1. Good idea, Maya. Think I should write up a similar list for myself.

    Looking forward to reading all that writing you're going to do.


  2. Thanks Suzanne. I think I'm a closet "lister". Trying to get in the habit of following through :)

  3. 做好事,不需要給人知道,雖然只是一件微不足道的事,但我相信,這會帶給我快樂。..................................................

  4. Saying no is so hard! I find it impossible to write during the day when others are around. There is awlays something that needs to be done and the constant interruptions make me cranky;) So here's what I try to do: 1. Write when everyone else is asleep, either very early morning or very late at night. (Probably explains why I get so little writing done, LOL.) 2. Ignore the phone or just turn it off. That's what the answering machine is for :)

    Just remind yourself and your family that there's a whole gaggle of impatient people waiting to read your next books, so saying no is important. No pressure :D hee hee.

  5. My kids tell me I am too good at saying no... :)


  6. I have no problems saying no in actual fact. Think I need to say yes more sometimes. ;-)

  7. I hear you, Felicity! Unfortunately, I love sleeping too much to do early mornings! That would just kill me. My 8-year old is getting the knack of answering phones efficiently, so when DH isn't around, guess who answers the phone? Oh well, one day I'll be a multi-millionnaire author and all this will just be a bad dream...zzzzzm *waltzes off into daydreams*

  8. Lol, Brandy. Mine know the things I'll say no to, so they ask for more of the things they know I'll say yes to, if that makes sense?

  9. I should learn to be more like you, Jackie :) Hope you had a great time in Seednee???!