Monday, 8 October 2012

Hanging Tight

Ok my lovely blogger friends, I gotta tell ya...last week was HAAAARRRRD!

And seriously, I have no idea how it got so completely out of hand. Granted, the day job was a huge contributory factor. Which is weird because normally, I can do my job with one hand tied behind my back and I get on famously with my colleagues. But last week, it seemed nothing...NOTHING was prepared to go according to plan.

The littlest thing got to me and I saw myself sliding slowly into melt-down mode. I tried reading...watching my favourite shows...I tried shopping and even that gave me (gasp) nothing. My poor DH got the brunt of my insane twilight funk and by the end of the week, despite my sorry mood, I felt sorry for him.

By Friday, I was a total wreck. The advice I got through it all was...hang in there, things aren't as bad as you think they are. And you know what? They were right.

Tis always darkest before dawn. Some wise person said that and I need to remember this going forward. I also learned some truths about myself and others (which is almost always a delight, right? Umm, maybe...). Anyway, here are some of them:-

1) I'm not as patient as I thought I was, and I need to remedy that, STAT!
2) Despite thinking I've grown a thicker skin, I've still got soft patches that when prodded, stings like hell!
3) There will ALWAYS be someone who'll prop you up when you're down. You just need to ask!
4) My DH deserves sainthood...or an iPhone 5 for his birthday next month. I know which one he'd prefer, lol.
5) I'm determined this week will be better because...

Have a great week everyone :)


  1. Glad this weeks coming along better for you Maya!

    I think I'd prefer an iPhone 5 too :)


  2. Thank you, Aimee! And yes, I would prefer that phone too, lol x

  3. Wow, must have been really bad if shopping didn't work! ;-) Hugs on the crappy week. You rock!

  4. Thanks, Jackie. In direct contrast, this week is rocking so far, lol!

  5. Hugs Maya. On the positive side, you survived the week with your sense of humour intact!

  6. Am glad this week's turning out so much better for you, Maya...

  7. Thanks, Sri. It's been miles better :)

  8. Here's hoping this week is better than any week ever before it!