Sunday, 17 June 2012

Milestone & Counting Blessings

I've done a writerly version of this post on the Minxes blog, but I thought I'd do a more personal one on this blog.

Yesterday, I celebrated a milestone birthday! Yep, I'm "21" again. Yippee! And to be honest, I feel great! So I thought I'd share a more personal things-I'm-thankful-for :)

1) First and foremost, my family is healthy and happy, and since they're the most important thing to me, it goes without saying, I'm extremely thankful for that.

2) I am blessed to have reached this milestone even though I kicked and screamed in resistance. Not everyone is lucky enough to get here. I've recently lost people I grew up with and it's been brought home to me how very fragile and transient life it.

3) I am surrounded by friends who love and support me through thick and thin and I'll always be gateful for that.

4) My secret wish to be published by my dream publisher before turning "21" came true, although boy did I cut it fine, lol!

5) My first book with said publisher comes out in December, which makes it extra special because it'll be here in time for Christmas!

So, today is a good, no great day and I'm so happy to be here to enjoy it!

Feel free to share any blessings in my life. The universe needs good news!

Maya x

PS - And this is a late addition, I'm thankful that my persistent but gentle nagging paid off, because my husband finally listened and got me an iPad for my birthday. Hooray!!!


  1. Woohoo for husbands!! I sadly didn't make publication by '21'. But at least it was just before the age of the answer to life, the universe and everything. :-) Congrats, Maya. And happy birthday!! What an awesome Christmas pressie too... :-)

  2. But you're still in your 21st year, no? And hey, you more than made up for it with your multi-book deal! Thanks for the birthday wishes, hun :)