Thursday, 21 June 2012

Breaking News - Another Minx Sale!!!

I love good news!!! I especially love it when it comes through perseverance, brilliance and sheer awesomeness!

So, it's with GREAT PLEASURE that I announce that my CP and friend, Minxy Jo Pibworth, aka Jodie James has sold to Harper Collins. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Having had the honour of reading this manuscript, I can say, you readers are in for a treat! And even better, you have the chance to help choose the title for her book. How exciting is that?

You can read all the nitty gritty details here -

But if you're impatient to know, here's a quick summary of the competition details!

A book's title is just as important as its cover - these are the first things you notice, whether you're shopping for an ebook or a physical book. Jodie James' brilliant women's fiction needs a name that really does the story justice. And, we want you to help us choose it! We're inviting authonomy authors to use their creative minds and suggest a fitting title for Jodie's book.
The winning submission will win its creator a brand new bookshelf: 20 of HarperCollins' best titles from the genre of their choice. Oh, and they may just see their suggestion gracing the shelves of bookstores in a few month's time.To enter:Send your suggestions to 
All entries must be submitted before UK midnight July 13th
The subject line needs to include the words Title Competition and your suggested title - e.g. Title Competiton: Little White Wedding chapel'
Please put your details in the body of the email.

Good luck!

It's a brilliant day for the Minxes, and I'm so proud of you, Jo!

Maya xx


  1. Thanks so much, Maya! I am especially glad to be a minx on days like this. xx

  2. You're welcome, and you make one heck of a minx!!!