Monday, 2 April 2012

Sprin Clean & A Challenge!!

So I finished my revisions and whizzed them back to the editor's inbox last week *cue Alleluia chorus and huge sighs of relief*. Of course, once I'd breathed that huge sigh of relief and uncoiled myself from the foetal position of sheer exhaustion, my mind started to churn...will she like the changes I made? Did I change too much? Too little? Have I absolutely cratered the story with my suddenly-not-so-clever ideas? Will she...won't she...


It's out of my hands now.

There's absolutely nothing I can do but wait and see what the editor thinks. What I *CAN* do is fiddle around with my blog (ta-daaaa) and work on my next story!

I must say I'm loving the research stage of Damion & Reiko's story. Reiko is turning out to be a very interesting heroine with a very sad past. But she's also feisty and has the hallmarks of a kick-ass heroine destined to give Damion, my staid, don't-touch-me French aristocrat, nightmares, lol! It also features an older man as a possible love interest, something I've never done before, I don't think.

Here's a picture of her. Isn't she divine?

I've also made a Pinterest board for this book which I absolutely LOVE!

And now for the challenge of actually getting off Pinterest and writing this story! The idea is to write half this story by 30 April. That's 25k (or in my case, since I *always* exceed the word count - 27.5k). So that's...*counts on fingers, gives up, reaches for calculator*... just under 1k a day for the next 28 days.

I think that's infinitely doable, don't you?

So, what d'you say? Would you care to join me?


  1. Good luck, Maya! And yeah, totally doable. Except for now, I'm stuck in a beginning that won't end. Man, how I hate 'em. And don't talk to me about Pinterest. Sigh. :-)

  2. Don't hate me, Jackie but I love beginnings!! It's the saggy middle and *that* bit before the end that's a killer! As for Pinterest, every time I look at my story board I get a different idea for my story, lol. Not sure if that's a benefit or a hindrance ;)

  3. ooooh, good luck, Maya...can't wait to read Daimon and Reiko's story...Will join you once I get these revisions done...

  4. Good luck with the revisions, Sri! I know you can do it!!!

  5. Love the new look! The writing is totally doable. And I'm not saying a word about!

  6. Thanks Sutton! And yeah, totally doable - so what if I've only managed 500 words so far? Pffft, lol!

    Pinterest - *BIG, BIG SIGH*

  7. Keeping everything crossed for you, Maya. XX

  8. Oh she is gorgeous, Maya. I'll leave the usual at the doorway of the writing cave for you, and as its not revisions, that means lucozade and chocolate!