Saturday, 1 October 2011

Whoop! 30kInSept Done!!!


Wow, I can't believe it. Seriously, when I started this challenge, I mistakenly thought it'd be a breeze. I had it all worked out - 250 words during my lunch break (no mornings...I don't do mornings), another 250 worked in when my boss wasn't looking. And 500 words when I got home.

I even went as far as to be smug about the weekends. Once the kids were in bed, I could write and write to my heart's content, right?

Wrong. It all started well, until Life. Just. Hit. I think I went three or four days without writing a word. Cue freakish panic. I hate losing. I really do. But I'm old enough to know sometimes losing is part of life. At around day 20 I prepared to concede defeat. But that little voice kept saying you can do it. So I took two days off. And wrote 5k words in the first day and 1.5k in the second. My confidence was back and with each day I wrote I felt so much happier watching the characters take shape.

I want to send a special thank you to Rachael Johns for organising and motivating me to take this challenge. I'm soo excited about this story right now. My pantsing style means it'll need major overhauling to sync it all together nicely, but it's story I've been dying to tell since the idea struck a few months ago so I'm glad to have been challenged to write it.

This sign is especially for you, Rachael, for getting the ball rolling and for all the awesome participants who made the challenge such fun!

The aim is to set a personal challenge to write the almost 20k words needed to finish my ms by October 20.

Anyone wanna join me?

Maya x


  1. Yay you!! And yes, I'll join you. I need 20k too!

  2. Maya, you rock too! That is some achievement lady, well done. xx

  3. Hooray, Maya! 20,000 by Oct. 20... I can try. : )

  4. Awesome word count, Maya.

    Count me in for the 20k....

  5. Yay, good to have you on board, Jackie!

  6. Tina, I see you're already rocking the 20K. I need to get my skates on, sharpish! Good thing the English weather is set to nosedive this week, lol.

  7. Fab, Sri! Good to have you on board too! I need the accountability ;)