Monday, 26 September 2011

Man Candy Monday

Hope everyone had a brilliant weekend. Didn't it fly by at warp speed?

Anyway, because I have nothing much to talk about other than that my September Challenge is kicking my tush at the moment, but I'm determined to wrestle it down, I thought I'd share a few hmmm hmmms to help combat the Monday Blues!


Wouldn't you just love to be the wind in his windswept hair? Ahem...

Nice smile, Mister!

Wait, let me count that six-pack again...

Admit it, you love a guy in pink!

Ok, you've procrastinated enough. Now that I've inspired you, go forth and be inspired...or something ;)


  1. You've certainly started my week off on a high note. And for the record, I've totally rethought the whole guys wearing pink thing. lol.

  2. Hehe, glad I made your day, Sutton ;)

  3. Very inspiring pics. Can you see my Sept challenge is giving me grief and I'm looking for procrastination?!

  4. I hope you're inspired, Rachael. *cracks whip* Now get on with the Challenge! It's soooo close, and yet so far away, isn't it? I get palpitations knowing I have to find just over 4k words before midnight Friday!

  5. Lol, yes indeed, Jackie. I like the way he's fiddling with the tie, too ;)

  6. Arriving late, but that little lot cheered up my Thursday night a treat. Thank you :0)


  7. You're very welcome, Suz. I live to spread good cheer, and hot, half-nekkid man-beef, lol!