Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bruce Willis In Hostage To Love

Hah, I bet that grabbed your attention!

Well, I certainly got a thrill when I opened an email from the Editor in Chief of Wild Rose Press and saw the subject line! Okay, it didn't *actually* say Bruce Willis In Hostage To Love, but it goes a little something like this...

The Wild Rose Press & The Movie Red

In his next movie Red, Bruce Willis is pretty banged from his usual shenanigans and is bed bound. His assistant, the avid romance reader Mary Louise Parker, sends him some books to read. And guess where they got all the books from? Yep, The Wild Rose Press! And these aren't just any random books plucked from random shelves. These books are all from the Crimson Rose line (which published Hostage To Love). In all, The Wild Rose Press sent 150 books to Hollywood, so yeah the chances of him picking my book are well, slim to none, but hey, a girl can dream, right? And what great exposure for authors as well, huh?

I love Bruce Willis on any given day, but can you guess how much I'm looking foward to seeing Red when the movie opens on October 15?? Can ya, huh?

Before then though, here's the trailer. There is a blink-and-you-miss-it moment when MLP is sitting at her desk with an open book but even that gave me a small thrill!



  1. woohoo! Its a must see (and see again, with freeze frame to check out the titles). Hoping he's reading Hostage to Love prominently, Maya!

  2. Chances are one in a million, but a girl can dream, right?

  3. Yeah, isn't it just? Doesn't take much to get me excited though, hehehe...

  4. How exciting! I've added Red to my 'must see' list. Keep on dreaming. Hostage to Love is real proof they do come true.

  5. Oh wow!!!!!! Now that's something really exciting. I can see it now... a scene where he picks up the book and and the cover's nice and big on the screen for everyone to see and fall in love with. Very, very cool Maya!

  6. Thanks, Sutton. I'm glad there'll be more than one person watching, in case my wonky eyes miss it, lol!

  7. Wouldn't be something, Felicity??? I'd probably keel over in a Victorian swoon!!!