Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Author Spotlight - Hanging Out With Amber Leigh Williams

Today kicks off a month-long blog tour with a few of my fellow Wild Rose Press Authors. Amber Leigh Williams is my first guest – be gentle with her!

Amber Leigh Williams is a multi-published author, a member of Romance Writers of America, former Secretary of GCCRWA, and a reviewer for The Season. Her western romance, BLACKEST HEART, is a 2009 More Than Magic winner and her historical romance, FOREVER AMORE, was nominated by Long & Short Reviews for Best Book of 2009. She is represented by D4EO Literary Agency. Find out more about her books and writing journey at her website: http://www.amberleighwilliams.com/

At what age were you bitten by the writing bug?

I discovered writing in 3rd grade and started with plays and short stories. I then progressed to YA and finally, in high school, the romance genre.

What genre are you most comfortable writing in?

I never would have thought that I'd love writing paranormal romance as much as I do. It's a complete escape into a world where I build the rules. The characters especially are why I love it most, I think, because writing paranormal heroes and heroines is all about finding the humanity in a being outside the norm, who feels a pull in darker or more animal direction.

Writing-wise, where do you expect to be in five years’ time?

Writing, of course. I'd like to be more widely published, hopefully in mass market with a larger distribution.

What’s your perfect writing habit? Do you prefer background noise (like music? birdsong? tinkling waterfall?) or complete silence when writing?

Music is important to my process because it helps set the tone of my WIP. For example, when working on my paranormals, I listen to a hard rock playlist. It helps my Muse stay planted firmly in that world and true to it.

If you had to pick just one, which do you think is the most important in a good story: character, voice, or plot? Why?

This is a hard question because I don't think a story, much less a good one, can have one without the other. Well-motivated and sympathetic characters are essential to romance. Without plot, there's not much story for these characters to thrive in. And without voice, nothing separates the story from all the others. Voice compels readers to keep reading.

Writing is a consuming business. Do you ever get down time and how do you spend this time?

I write late at night. My days are for household chores and book marketing. My real downtime comes when my husband, who works seven days a week, takes time off. We visit family and generally relax.

Tell us about your latest book or project

I'm gearing up to start work on my fourth paranormal while completing a contemporary revision and a Regency WIP. My western romance, BET IT ON MY HEART, launched this spring, completing the Wayback Ridge trilogy. It was voted Best Book of the Week by readers at LASR and is available now at The Wild Rose Press!

As an author, what’s the best advice you’ve been given or would like to give new writers?

Never, never, never give up! And don't lose sight of the joy of writing. Readers inherently know when a story is crafted with a loving hand.

How do readers contact you?

Readers, feel free to contact me at amber@amberleighwilliams.com.

I'm most always available on Twitter (http://twitter.com/ALeighWilliams) and Facebook (http://www.Facebook.com/amberleighwilliams) as well.

Thank you so much, Maya, for hosting me today!


  1. It's so great to hang out with you today, Amber and to read about your success for far. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  2. Great interview, Amber, popping over to your website to read more!

  3. I really enjoyed the interview. Learning about authors you read is almost like knowing them.

  4. Terrific take on the paranormal genre, Amber! A really nice way to explain the difference between it and other types of romance.

  5. Nice post, Amber. Can't wait to read the paranormal. Sherry/Jillian

  6. I learning a lots of information about books in the blogs.


  7. I also love paranormal romance and have to agree with you about the music!

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