Monday, 17 May 2010

Baby Steps

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little meeh about writing. To be honest I haven’t written anything new in almost three weeks! It’s been a combination of losing my mojo, family life (seriously) getting in the way and general lethargy. Even finally hearing back about my ms (it was neither good nor bad, more like slightly annoying, but that's another post) didn't lift me out of my funk.

But through this miasma of general meeh-ness, I always carried my trusty memory stick with me, just in case. I never doubted I’d get my mojo back, or that I’d finally get the sudden urge to pound the keyboard but it scared the hell out of me that it was taking so long to return and that I couldn’t find any interest in my own writing.

I am happy to report though that I managed to bang out three pages of my new story in the middle of the last night. It's not much, but it's a start and I'm beginning to feel story love again. Am I complaining that this has happened in the middle of one of the busiest weeks in my life? Well, a little. But at least I can finally see the light at the end of my gloom and I'm content.

Who knows, today three pages, tomorrow (er, not quite but, you know), a brand spanking new completed story!

I might be bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, but I live in hope 



  1. Three whole pages. You are my inspiration Maya. Now tomorrow, how about making that four pages ...

  2. Lol, I will certainly try, Romy. Gearing up the nerve to write didn't happen until midnight. I wrote till 3 so I've only had 4 hours sleep last night!

  3. That's three pages more than I've written, Maya. Well done.


  4. Yuck on the meh-ness (great word). Three pages is a great start! Let's hear it for more eh?

  5. Three pages in the middle of the night?? Woman, you are my hero!!

    Here's wishing you a good nights sleep.

  6. 處順境須謹慎,處逆境要忍耐。.............................................

  7. Yay, Maya! 3 pages is 3 pages closer to the end. I'm feeling meh too, and am determined to write something new today. I've been revising, redoing and am BORED with it. Something new sounds lovely. I'm aiming for a page, and hoping to surprise myself!

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  9. Thanks Suzanne!

    Jackie, glad you like my made-up word, and thanks.

    Danke, Sutton. Didn't get much (any) writing done last night, but I got lots of drool-worthy sleep, though!

    Thanks, Nathan!

    Sally, the meeh-ness seems to be permeating, doesn't it? Maybe it's time to gang up on it and disperse it once and for all, eh?

  10. Sorry about the general meeh-ness. I think it's the stupid weather. Or perhaps it's the ash clouds fault.

    Yay on the midnight keyboard pounding, though. You'll get there :-)

  11. Maya, hurrah! Three pages of a new story is definitely worth celebrating!

    I also love your new word. Will be borrowing it frequently!

    I've set aside my romance writing for quite awhile actually. So many stops and starts and just plain blech-ness. I had thought after finishing and submitting a manuscript (remember the one? submitted it in January 2009?) that I would find writing additional books less terrifying. Not so.

    Oh, dear, I'm rambling. I would love to hear about your response on your long-absent baby/manuscript. I'm still trying not to worry over mine's extended trip to Richmond. :-)

    All the best,

    (Georgie73 on eHarlequin)

  12. Thanks Jo! I'm certainly trying.

    Trenda, great to see you here again and thanks so much for following me on Twitter!