Friday, 26 March 2010

To Err is Human…To Forgive Divine?

(part 2)

In Part 1, my hero bravely went off to confess his sins and ask for forgiveness. Only, it turns out he didn’t have just one confession to make…he had three.

The first confession my heroine readily forgives. She knows he’s a stubborn alpha who likes to carry his family’s burden on his broad, masculine shoulders.

The second confession rocks her to the core, but my heroine is a very strong, feisty woman who’s survived the love of her life walking away from her. She reiterates this to herself, tells herself she can do this.

Only to be hit with the third and most devastating secret of all. This secret dates back to her childhood and rocks everything she's ever believed of herself.

At this stage, forgive is certainly not divine. It’s very much get-in-my-car-and-drive-far-far-away!

My hero of course, is not expecting this. When he returns to the terrace, he is crushed! I don't need to ask him how it went. I can see for myself.

He looks at me, devastated. "But I love her," he says.

And I say, "hmmm, but you should have trusted her with this long before now.”
He wants to growl at me, but he knows I’m right. He collapses into the seat and asks for help. Now he’s learning, my hero. Asking for help is huge, HUGE! There’s hope for him yet.

But he’s also an intelligent alpha. Before I can make a suggestion, he makes one of his own. I give my seal of approval and wave him off.

Two days later, my heroine returns with her hero in tow. He has admitted he’s erred. And from the smile on their faces, I can tell…

Forgiveness has indeed been divine!

Are you a sucker for a happy ending as I am?


  1. Sounds fab, Maya. First dibs on a sneak peak (for minx review purposes of course (not!!))

  2. Ooooh, what a great story! Is this the one you sent away?

  3. Absolutely, I'm a sucker for HEA's. Can't wait to read this story. You've got me hooked already. It sounds, well, divine. :)

  4. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

  5. Thanks, Sally! Definite yes to the first dibs!

    Thanks, Jackie. No this is the one I'm hoping to send away shortly!

    Hey, Sutton, thanks! HEA's are the best, aren't they? Glad I've got you hooked and I hope the execution will be as divine!

  6. 佩怡 , thanks and thank you so much for stopping by :).

  7. I love these conversations you have with your characters. No wonder you're such a brilliant author. I'm really looking forward to reading this story!!!

  8. Thank you, Felicity. That really means a lot. And you know you'll get to read it ;)