Saturday, 20 March 2010

To Err Is Human...

(part 1)

Before I carry on with this post I need to give a quick background on how I write my posts.

I always try and write the first line of my next blog post when I finish the last. After my last post I knew there was something my current hero needed to address. So I typed this heading. He read it, slanted me a very dirty look and stalked off.

After he returned from terrorising the countryside in his sleek sports car (he’s a Presents hero, after all), I told him again…To Err Is Human.

He clenched his fists and walked away.

Now, he knows he’s wronged his heroine. Very badly. He’s kept a very big secret from her that he should’ve revealed quite a while back. This secret has kept them apart for two years and for all that time he’s felt justified in “shouldering the burden” on his own. Now he feels in his bones that all hell is about to break loose, but he’s hung on to this secret for so long, he just doesn’t know how to let go of it.

So, I tell him again…To Err Is Human.

This time he sits and he listens. We share a glass of Chateau Lafite Rothschild while watching the glorious sunset from the terrace of his spectacular villa and slowly he understands why he has to confess all to his heroine. For a split second, he looks terrified because he knows confessing might cost him everything he holds dear.

But my hero is not a wimp.

He drains his glass, sets it down and stands. Before he leaves to confront his demons, he asks, “To err is human, but will forgiveness be divine or…bring divine retribution?”

Alas, I don’t have any answers for him.

Not yet anyway.

This will be revealed in Part 2, after I’ve interviewed my heroine!


  1. It better be a happy ending. After shouldering the burden for so many years, surely he deserves a happy ending?

  2. Naughty hero. Doesn't he know he has to do what you tell him? Good on him for stepping up to the plate though. Maybe your heroine is a goddess in disguise?
    One thing's for sure, I wanna know his terrible secret!

  3. Sally, I fear there will be much suffering before he gets his happy ending. Hurts need to be healed on many fronts! Poor guy, my heart aches for him.

  4. Jackie, well, he was a very bad boy indeed, but for very good reasons, he thought! Now he wants to make it right. His timing though, sucks rocks as I've told him!

    My heroine's not a goddess, but dear lord, she deserves to be! Who knows she might attain goddess status by THE END!