Monday, 8 March 2010

Another Obsession

Yep, I know, I’m as fickle as the finger of fate. But as a writer, I have to learn to love more than one hero. It's my cross to bear, ;). Well, that’s my excuse anyway.

So imagine my excitement when Henry Cavill and I were introduced (via the magic medium that is tv!). He had me at a disadvantage as I was sick in bed and unable to move very far. He forced me to watch him as Charles Brandon in The Tudors, where he proceeded to nail anything that moved in Season 1 and most of Season 2! But even while I shook my head sadly at how utterly scandalous his behaviour was, I was secretly rooting for him to be worthy of his part.

And he came through.

By the end of Series 2 and through all of Season 3, he'd grown a conscience, had shown his wife Catherine that he truly loved and desired her and their son above all else and had proved he could be ruthless when he needed to be to save his country and his friend (Henry VIII).

It was very very natural therefore, seeing as he’s just the sort of man I love writing about (not so much the nailing part, but the redeemed rake part), that I model him on my next hero. Before I do, however, I will enjoy him for a little while longer!

And seeing as I'm feeling magnanimous today, I thought I'd share his pic with y'all.


PS - Sorry about the, ahem, legs and bossoms.


  1. Oh please don't apologise for the legs and bosoms, there's no need. Not when they showcase such a beautiful chest!! Now that is a manly chest, a bit of hair but not enough to form a rug. Perfect. *sigh*

  2. Made my day. Eye candy is a wonderful thing.

  3. LOL, Jo, on the "form a rug". No, that won't do at all! A decent smattering is much preferred.

    Sutton, very glad to oblige!

  4. Smatterings are a must!! Now you've tempted me to check out the show!! Have you seen the new Spartacus show??? O.M.G...

  5. security word was nooke. Made me think of nookie. Natch.

  6. LOL, Maisey. Yep, you should check out the show. Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn't to it for me as Henry VIII, but I find the completely ruthless, self-serving politics of that era very intriguing. Anne Boleyn's character was also worth watching the show for. But of course, HC, with his delicious self, holds my attention every single time ;) Nooke - hehehe, thanks for the Friday giggle.

  7. Oh, almost missed that bit. No, haven't seen Spartacus yet. Your OMG makes me want to check it out. Might reward myself with it once I finish with my current ms!

  8. Uh yeah, nudity and tons 'o blood, fair warning. Very cartoony blood though and HAWT gladiators...oh yes indeed...yikes.

  9. Jackie & Suzanne, I gather you're lost for words? ;)

    Maisey, saw one episode of Spartacus (couldn't wait till end of ms), and OMG is right. As much as I was dumbstruck by the endless amount of flesh, I was equally dumbstruck by the really BAD acting! Imagine a warrior with an Aussie accent in Ancient Rome! Nah, I can only stand bare flesh with a bit of genuine acting, thanks, hehehehe!