Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, New Reso....

Naaaah! I don't know who I'm fooling by pretending to make resolutions. After almost four decades, okay three decades and a bit, since I didn't know about resolutions before I hit 8 or 9, it's time to own up to the fact that I never keep my resolutions past the end of January.

So, this year, I have NO RESOLUTIONS. I have enough pressures in life as it is without piling on more. For instance, over Christmas I ate way more than my share of, well, everything! The good thing would be to make a resolution not to fall on the nearest tray of yummy chocolate, or the last two mince pies that are giving me the come on. BUT, do you know how stressful it is to say no, especially when your kids are covered in the stuff? Well, if you do, you have more will power than I.

I do have aspirations however, the top being to continue growing in my writing and hopefully, get published by my dream publisher, Harlequin Presents, one day.

To all those who have made firm, glorious resolutions, may they all come true. To those of us who close our eyes, cross our fingers and fly by the seat of our pants, I wish us all happy landing exactly (or within a stone's throw of) where we want to be.

Happy 2010, again!

I'm off to keep the dream alive!



  1. Aspirations, I like the lack of pressure that signifies. I think the trick is to only aspire to something you really want - I have NEVER wanted to stop eating chocolate :-)

  2. LOL, Lorraine! Ahh, chocolate. Where would we be without that magical stuff?


  3. I think Lorraine's idea is absolutely right. Only aspire to something you really want. I think I might write that on a post it and stick it on my computer screen. Then next time I have one of my ridiculous, spur of the moment ideas I'll read it.

    Chocolate is a must for any women, especially for those writing romance. In fact, I've heard being a chocaholic is practically the law.

  4. LOL, Jo. I, of course, being a law abiding citizen, have my perfect square of choccies beside me as I type this post. The snow had been keeping me from nipping out to grab a bar, but DH braved the weather and has returned triumphant. Hurrah!

  5. LOL. I'm eating cake. For breakfast. Right now.

    Well, people keep bringing me meals since we brought the baby home and they have NO consideration for the fact that some of us have...ahhh...forty pounds of baby weight to shed!! (okay, so twenty of it dropped of pretty fast...but still twenty more to go!)

    As for resolutions...who has time. How 'bout this...I resolve to have the best year ever. I will enjoy my family, write, have my first book released, and buy more pink frilly dresses than you can shake a stick at (for teh gril, not for me)

    Hey, I think you should all make that resolution. :-D