Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sunshine & Belated Happy News!!!

Oh yes, to say it's been "a while" since I blogged is to say our UK winter lasted only "a while"! Or maybe it's just me, and this winter hasn't really lingered on and on and on?

But hurray, the sun is out today, and has been out in my neck of the woods for a few days now, so I'm choosing to celebrate!!

And speaking of celebrating, for those who didn't hear me bleeping the F-word all over social media a couple of weeks ago, I'VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR A RITA AWARD!!

Believe me, nobody was as SHOCKED as I was when I clicked the email from  (!!!OMG FAN GIRL MOMENT ALERT!!!) Shirley Jump, to say WHAT THE GREEK CAN'T RESIST had finaled as Best Contemporary Short! I re-read the email three times before I hit REPLY (because I was to call her back and email to let her know I'd received her message) so fast, my forefinger spasmed, lol!

Luckily, my short tardiness wasn't a big deal to anyone, hehe, so I'm still a RITA Nominee, and yes, I STILL pinch myself every time it crosses my mind.

I was looking forward to attending my very first RWA conference before the news hit, but I'm now even more stoked to be going to NYC in July. If you're going and you spot me hiding behind a fern or three, please say hello!

This weekend was also three years since I sold my first Harlequin Presents, and I'm as awed now by the fact that I get paid for doing what I love as I was when I got that fateful call.

To top it all off, I returned from holiday in Spain this weekend to find a box of flowers waiting for me from my lovely editors and publishers! How wonderful are they?

Life is good, and I'm truly thankful.

Maya xx

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