Monday, 10 June 2013

Quick Six With Matthew Logan (The Runaway Groom)

Today we have Matthew Logan in our hot chair for a Quick Six! I for one want to know more about this man popularly known as the Runaway Groom!

Sexy Stubble or Clean Shaven? Clean shaven for business meetings, sexy as hell stubble the rest of the time!
Tuxedo or ripped jeans? Running shorts and designer Albios running shoes - with a James Bond tux for special occasions in the back of his wardrobe.

Dinner by candlelight or heli-boarding in the Alps? Dinner by candlelight at a restraunt atop a mountain, after a day's heli-boarding...

Jacuzzi for two or...on the beach? On the beach, playing volleyball and showing off his abs...sigh!
Vegas or The Maldives? Diving on the coral reef is his sort of thing, so The Maldives

Rock on her finger or blood bond, paranormal sytle? Rock on her finger - even though it makes him nervous!

Find out why the "rock on her finger" makes this Runaway Groom nervous! This brilliant book by Sally Clements is out NOW!!


  1. Thanks for featuring Matthew on your blog today, Maya!

  2. You're welcome, Sally! He's a truly yummy hero :)