Monday, 27 May 2013

Quick Six With Max Waldburg (Waking Up In Vegas)

Hey readers, 

We caught Max, yummy hero of Waking Up In Vegas on his way back to Napa and got him to do a Quick Six for us. We promised not to keep him long so, here goes...

Sexy Stubble or Clean Shaven? These days I'm all respectable and go clean-shaven.

Tuxedo or ripped jeans? Ripped jeans at home, but I'll wear a tuxedo for work. If I really have to.

Dinner by candlelight or heli-boarding in the Alps? Definitely heli-boarding in the Alps!

Jacuzzi for two or sex on the beach? Both!

Vegas or The Maldives? Vegas - the place holds some really good memories

Rock on her finger or blood bond, paranormal style? I'm definitely a rock on the finger type of guy.

Thanks for stopping by, Max!

You can find out more about Max and what exactly happened in Vegas here:

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