Monday, 4 March 2013

Title, Reviews & Saggy Middles

As promised last week, I have news on the title and release date for my next Harlequin Presents.

Drum roll, please...........

MARRIAGE MADE OF SECRETS will be on general retail release in the UK and US in October. This is the story of Cesare di Goia and Ava Hunter whose marriage has hit a bit, well...more than a bit of a rough patch because guessed it...secrets! Well, there are other HUGE things standing in the way of their HEA but there are fun shenanigans on the way!

So be sure to watch out for their story in September on the Mills and Boon site and in October at your nearest bookstore!

In other news, my second HP - The Sinful Art of Revenge is making the rounds in anticipation of its general release later this month/early next month, and I've already come across two lovely reviews. I'll post my favourite one so far, below:

****mini spoiler-alert****

Maya Blake has officially become a favorite author with this book. This is an emotional reunion romance. Five years ago Damion had romanced Reiko right before he revealed that he was there to bankrupt her grandfather. Five years after Damion needed Reiko's help and found that he was still obsessed with her. But Reiko is damaged both physically and emotionally from an accident that caused her father's life. And it would require patience and a lot of love on Damion's side to woo her. I loved both characters. Reiko was a really unusual heroine- being half Japanese as well as having a cool job procuring expensive art. Damion is the perfect guy- rich and very much in love with Reiko. I hope Ms. Blake writes more novels because I really enjoyed the first two she wrote.

I also received a very lovely fan email about this story last week that made all the writing-angst worthwhile!

Speaking of writing angst - I've come to the place in my current wip I dread the most - saggy bloomin' middle! I love writing beginnings, I love writing smexy-times (boy do I love the smexy times, lol) and I love writing the endings...but the middle bit, right before my H/h are poised to make the move from drowning-in-sexual-tension to whoop-sexytimes is a killer for me!

It will get done because, always gets done...but yeah, I'm tearing my hair out here a bit.

If you have any tips for tackling the saggy middle, share them with me? I'll reward you with chocolate ;)


  1. Put the characters in an unusual (for them) situation or a particularly uncomfortable place for one or both of them. Or chuck more angst their way. I don't mean introducing something new for the sake of it but maybe making them realise something is a whole lot worse than they had realised.

    Torture them, in other words, LOL!

    Congrats on book 3. I'm especially partial to Cesare and Ava's story, as you know. Cannot wait to read the finished work :)

    Super congrats, also, on the lovely reader email!

  2. Great idea, Catherine! I'm gonna hit them up with some smex and throw an emotional grenade in there, lol! Thanks for the congrats :)

  3. No tips to share other than "soldier on" but I'll gladly share the chocolate.

    I am so excited that Ava and Cesare's book will be out thsi year still. I loved, loved, loved their story!

  4. I think I'm suffering from the sagging middle problem at the moment too. Only thing I can suggest is more coffee and chocolate, maybe some vodka for a kick, and a healthy dosage of watching Mr. Darcy walk through the morning mist for good measure. We'll get there. As Romy said, "soldier on!" xo