Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, New Yay!

First off, belated Happy New Year to all my friends and readers! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and a brilliant welcome to 2013.

2012 - my head's still spinning from how fast last year went by, although one or two dates stand out for me ;)

For 2013 I've decided not to set rigid goals. The aim it so keep writing, and to up my writing in a way that would make my eventual (I hope) transition into full-time writing a smoother one if/when it happens.

To that end, I'm thrilled to announce I signed a contract with Entangled Publishing yesterday! Woooot! Like most writers out there, I've been following Entangled's phenomenal progress since they launched in 2011 and I jumped at the chance to work with an Entangled editor on my Dead Sexy (romantic suspence) story. As soon as I have dates, titles, and relevant info, I'll let you know.

I also have a few things in the pipeline that aren't quite firm yet so watch this space.

My Harlequin Presents editor is also getting back to me this week about whether or not I nailed the revisions on Book 3 (always a nerve-wracking time, but hey, this journey wouldn't be exciting otherwise, right?)

Once Book 3 is done and dusted, I have a quick turnaround for Book 4 which is, I'm too scared I'm getting ahead of myself.

Needless to say, things are happening and happening fast. I'm excited, I'm scared, I'm holding on with both hands but I have a happy grin on my face because the ride is thrilling!

I hope your year started with a bang too. I'd love to hear about it :)

Maya x


  1. Congrats whoo whoo! And book 3 I am pretty sure you nailed it just fine!

    Looking forward to book 2 and 3, book one was RACING!

  2. Thank you very much, Desere :)

  3. Happy New Year, Maya! What a great way to start the year!

  4. Happy New Year to you, too, Lacey! And thanks :)

  5. Go you! Lots of bright lights on your horizon (and shining directly on you too), my dear!

  6. Bless you, Piper. Wishing you a fabulous year!

  7. Jackie! Hi there, Entangled Sister! Thanks for the congrats :)

  8. Catching up, here. Big congrats, and hugs too for your fab news. Lovely way to ring in the new year!

  9. Thank you so much, Sutton! And Happy New Year to you, my dear xxx