Monday, 20 August 2012

Naughty Blogger

I'm very aware that I haven't blogged for a while (nearly 3 weeks, ahem).

That's because I'm in revision hell!! Good news is I'm almost done with them so I expect regular programming to be restored soon-ish!

In the meantime, I leave you with David Gandy's interview about the London Olympics I came across on Twitter (yes, I know I should've been revising - yeesh, give a girl a break!). Watch it (brace yourself for that smile at the beginning), then watch it again with your eyes closed while listening to that voice, then watch it, ok, just watch it...for inspiration...if like me, you happen to need it ;)


  1. A great insight into the behind-the-scenes and you are so right about his voice, Maya!

  2. Isn't it (he) amazing? Can listen to him all day (but I probably shouldn't) lol!

  3. Get back to those revisions, Mrs. Some of us are eager to get our hands on your next book. :0) xx

  4. Heh, revisions done and sent!!! So I can set the clip on repeat...if I can find the repeat button, hehe.