Tuesday, 10 July 2012


It's been a bit quiet around her lately, hasn't it?

That's because I've been busy tweaking Book 2 to send to my editor. And I'm happy to report, I JUST PRESSED SEND!


Serendipitously (wow, try saying that after two weeks of frantic late night writing!), I heard from my editor just before I pressed send. I am choosing to believe that's a good sign and that she'll love, love, LOVE Damion and Reiko as much as I do.

I fully expect revisions though, because my editor's a genius, and will see ways to tweak the ms to make it sparkle!!!

Until then, I'm flying off for my vacation and I cannot wait! By this time tomorrow I'll be parking my behind on a plane ready to jet off to Florida with the family.

We're all very excited as it's been a while since we went anywhere.

So, see you in two weeks, with hopefully some good news to report!

Take care all xx


  1. Congrats on sending and have a fabulous vacation, Maya!!

    You so deserve it!!!

  2. Congrateulations!! Have a great vacay!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Having a blast in Florida so far!

  4. Oodles of Minxy dust after your sub, Maya. Hope you're having a fab holiday.


  5. Have a good vacation and best of luck with the book!