Thursday, 8 December 2011

I'm Still Alive...


As I tweeted this morning in desperation, there are only two more sleeps until the DH gets back from LE BUSINESS TRIP. Yayyy!! I'll be an even happier bunny this time Saturday!

But seriously, that's really no excuse to neglect the blog. The why? I have none. Nada. All I know is I was feeling out of sorts, in limbo, which is weird because I'm not waiting on an editor. In fact, *looks shifty-eyed* *whispers*, it's the other way round.

BUT, my out-of-sorts-ness was blown out of the water this morning when I look ed out my day job window and saw....this, in fifteen-feet high backlight!!


My brain's been buzzing since with lovely, umm...let's call them ideas, on what sort of character Mr Clark would make. As I ruminate some more, I invite you to share what comes to mind when you gaze on this fine specimen!!


  1. Pens. Mountaineers. :-) I've no idea who Simon Clark is but I am going with my mountaineer idea. *runs off*

  2. Hooray! DH must be nearly home by now.... you saw this guy out of your window? lucky thing. I just see squirrels (not so good for the inspiration)

  3. Lol, I'll let you off, Jax, know, I can get behind a mountaineer ;)

  4. Ooh, I don't know, Sally, I kinda like squirrels too ;)

    Yep, DH's home, so I'm now catching up on sleep, lol!

  5. My view is so uninteresting I don't even see squirrels out of my window.

    Glad DH is home safe and sound.