Thursday, 1 September 2011

I’m baaaaaack!

Hello Blogland, did you miss me? I certainly missed you all during my mini-hiatus but so I’m glad I took the break and so did my kids, lol.

So my summer was filled with lots of highs - meeting up with family I hadn’t seen in years and some (my nephew and niece) I’d never met, lovely days out with good food and great friends, lazy days in the hammock with Pimms. Seriously, I could do that Every. Single. Day. The hammock part, not the drinking part because, well, not sure my liver would thank me… and a few lows - my car crash the second day into my break...arghhh!

No one was seriously hurt but let's just say narrow country roads, pouring rain and blind curves DO NOT MIX! Luckily the other driver admitted liability so dealing with insurance stuff, though extremely tedious, was very straightforward!

But I’m back and rearing to go writing-wise. I've decided to join the 30k in September Challenge organised by Rachel Johns. If you’re on Twitter you can join using the #30kinSept hashtag. I really need a kick up the bum writing-wise. Not because I haven't been writing but because I've written lots...on different mss! In the last couple of weeks I've written about 10k on four (yes 4!) different manuscripts and frankly, I'm slightly fed up with myself. So starting today, I’m concentrating on my F1 story and fingers crossed I hope to be 30k into it by September 30. I mean, seriously, 1k a hard can it be? *coughsplattercough*

Another reason I’m looking forward to September is two of my favourite shows are back:

Sons of Anarchy (which satisfies my bad boy addiction)



Last season ended on such a cliffhanger... well, sorta because there can be no way Beckett dies but the last couple of episodes before the end was one of the best I've seen in a while! Also (fingers crossed and shiny romance fairy dust sprinkled) this season we'll FINALLY get to see the romance aspect of Castle and Beckett's characters develop beyond the longing looks and almost kisses!

Anyway, how have you been and what are you up to as summer tapers off and autumn opens up her cool and loving arms?

I'd love to know :)

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