Monday, 25 July 2011

Let Love Shine

So, you’d have to have been living in a deep, dark hole in the middle of the Amazon not to have heard or seen the heart wrenching news of Norway and Amy Winehouse this weekend.

I’d heard whispers of Norway while at work on Friday but I’m ashamed to say I’m so used to the words “car bomb” now that I let is wash over me. It wasn’t until I was ready to welcome the weekend that the true state of affairs sank in.

My heart truly goes out to all those affected by this horrible atrocity and hope they can find, some way, some how, to heal in time.

Amy Winehouse I didn’t believe for a full minute after my DH told me. He was watching the news. I had my headphones on. I asked, “What’s she done now?” He said, “She’s dead.” I thought he was joking. Cue goose bumps once I’d wrenched my headphones off. My heart stopped.

So many lives. Wasted. So much talent. Gone forever. So, so sad.

But what disturbed me through all this was the chatter I heard on various social media. Mainly how we should mourn Norway and not Amy. This saddened me greatly. BOTH situations are horrible. BOTH deserve our prayers.

May they all rest in perfect peace.



  1. Too true Maya, I saw similar stuff. Two very sad news stories, and it's OK to find both of them saddening.

  2. Well said, Maya.

    Funny how people demand compassion and empathy for their own situations but are loathe to give it to those they deem less worthy.

    Both stories are very sad.