Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Out of Season Favourites

I'm always devastated when my favourite shows wrap up for the season in late May/early June. It seems like it'll be forever until they return in the Autumn but the clever people at HBO and SyFy have cottoned onto the trick of keeping viewers entertained through this "fallow" season.

True Blood...YEEESS!!!

Like a long awaited (if blood thirsty) friend, True Blood is back!! I will admit I haven't seen the much-lauded preview because Season 3 left me a little "whaaaa?", "hmmm?" "that's it?", and a small part of me doesn't want to be disappointed. But the word on the street, or Twitter to you and me, is that it's a must-watch. So, yep, I plan on watching! And if Alcide returns to show us more of his awesome bod, well, I won't complain at all. For more of this superb specimen of man, check out Seven Sassy Sister's blog!

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Haven Heaven!!!

Another favourite I can't wait to see next month is Haven! I love, love, love this show (thank you Minx Sally for the introduction!) Finding out it was based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid made me love it more. Don't want to be a spoiler-puss to those who haven't seen it, but the male lead finds out something pretty awesome about the female lead that makes the writer in me stand up and cheer. It's something only she can give him and his discovery made for a heart warming moment.
This picture shows the scene moments before he finds out! You have to watch it if you want to know more ;) Trust me the final scene of Season 1 offers one of the best cliffhangers I've seen in a loooong time, so I can't wait to jumpt into Season 2!

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So that's my summer watching sorted! Autumn brings Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy but that's a whole 'nother post (with pictures!) so watch out for it.

In the meantime, I'd love to know what you're watching/doing/planing for the summer.

Enjoy the sunshine, the strawberries (not so much the flies) and if you're watching Wimbledon, cheer for Andy Murray, please. Our British dry spell has lasted long enough!

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  1. Hi Maya,

    Thanks for posting these! I haven't come across these series yet!