Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fast Cars, Hot Men!

Umm, need I say more? Okay, I will.

The world of Formula One has fascinated me ever since my obssessed brothers introduced me to the sport over ten years ago. Although I must admit back then the hypnotic sound of the engine revs was more effective at helping along my Sunday afternoon nap than anything else. But once I started paying attention to how much preparation went into the Sunday events and how 1/1000th of a second could mean the difference between pole position and second place, I was hooked. Throw in guys with overalls with tight buns and well, I was double-hooked!

Fast-forward a few years later, when writing and conjuring up heroes manly enough to match my heroines became yet another obssession.

Of course I had my pick from hot movie stars and influential men from around the world, but somehow the word "hero" always makes me think of a Formlua One driver.

I mean who would be manly enough to risk his life hurtling around a track at over 200mph? Ok, don’t answer that! But there is a fierce dedication that these men bring to their craft that speaks to the writer in me, coupled with the fact that unlike some Hollywood movie stars, they don't use their fame as an excuse for serial adultery!

The great Schumi has been married to his wife for over 15 years.

And both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have been with their girlfriends for years. How awesome is that?
All I need is a female Formla One Driver.

There were rumours that the stunning Danica Patrick would be in the line-up last year, but unfortunately that didn’t pan out. Now that would be my ultimate heroine!

Hmm, maybe I should write one? While I let this idea percolate, I'd love to know who your ultimate hero/heroine is.

So, dish : )


  1. I'm with you on the F1 heroes, Maya. And there are so many yummy ones too! How about Fernando Alonso? But my all-time fave F1 hero is always going to be Schumi.

  2. Wow, just wow.

    You have to wonder how the wives deal with their husbands hurtling around at that speed? Sedation? =P

  3. I agree, there are many more yummy ones. Could be an excuse for another post, maybe? I'm beginning to like Alonso again but I must admit his tantrums and pouting when he was at McLaren didn't impress me. He seems to be maturing now though ;)

  4. Yeah, Lacey, wow is right, lol. I think the wives and girlfriends stomachs of steel to cope! I certainly know I'd need an extra dose of courage to watch my man hurtle around a track at such speeds! That said though, safety standards are very high so guess that helps?

  5. Hi Maya,

    Ohhhh, I love racy? drivers!
    Lacey, maybe the wives enjoy the races and the cooling down of their hsbands afterwards!

    Seriously, Maya, you brought back memories for me. My Dad use to take us to see car racing events and I miss it now. The special outings with Dad as well, when we were pre-teens. Ever since I'm hooked to car races and watch all events on TV.
    Thanks for sharing this photos.

  6. A woman after my own heart. I stumbled across your blog on twitter and I think it's cool. And yes I love hot men in fast cars too. :o))