Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hurray For Broken Computers

Yes, I know that sounds a bit well, weird and cruel, especially if it’s happened to someone else. But, here's what resulted from my CP Romy’s broken computer and lack of internet troubles. And no, I’m not being cruel because she mentions it herself.

And then her alter ego went and surprised me all over again buy giving me another review. Now, the sceptical among you (yes, I know y'all are out there) might think, well, she's your CP, so she's bound to be partial. Well, let me tell you, Romy is one tough cookie when it comes to critting and giving her opinion on what she likes and doesn't like, so these reviews are worth their weight in gold to me. So thank you, Romy,


  1. Yay for Romy. And every word of those reviews are well deserved, Maya.


  2. I've only just stumbled over this blog post and I'd like to say "It was my pleasure". And hard drive crashes really aren't so bad when the end result is a shiny new toy!