Friday, 18 February 2011

Sent & Kindled!!!

So, it's been five days since I pressed SEND on the revised full to the editor. She acknowledged it and said she'd get back to me asap! I think I'm just beginning to get over the shock of pressing that dreaded button.

But even while I've been numb with shock, my sub-conscious has been working overtime because, get this, I've dreamt about my ms every night for the last THREE NIGHTS!! And every time, I'm having a weird conversation with the editor about it.

Seriously, I'm a little freaked out about this...

Anyway, to help me not totally go out of my mind, I finally contacted Amazon on Tuesday to shout at somebody for my state of non-Kindle-ness. Heck, I've only been waiting since Christmas!

And Lo and Behold, I received it yesterday!

Here it is in all it's awesome glory (loving this picture of John Steinbeck, whoever he is).

I've already uploaded a few books - the one in the second picture is Sarah Morgan's One Night...Nine-Month Scandal - which I'm loving at the moment!

*cue happy sigh* I've wanted a Kindle for aaaaagggggesss, so I'm really chuffed it's finally here!

Plus now I've got something to take my mind off checking my inbox every three seconds...because every ten seconds is perfectly sane, don't you think?


  1. Maya,

    Jackie updated me on your sub the other day and I'm soooo excited for you! Prayers and fingers crossed for good news.

    BTW, John Steinbeck: Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath . . .

    I'm going to order a new Kindle next month. I'm wondering now how long my wait is going to be.

    Abbi :-)

  2. Oh thanks, Abbi! Jackie, along with the Minxes and Maisey, was awesome when I went into FULL panic mode! Your prayers are gratefully received. Prepare to LOVE your Kindle :). Hope your wait isn't too long :)

  3. Best of luck on the sub, Maya. Fingers crossed for you.

    Your new Kindle looks great. Here's hoping it will help you take your mind off of worrying. At least for a second or two...:)

  4. Thank you muchly, Sutton :) Have a great weekend :)

  5. Yay Maya!!! Crossing fingers for you big time!!

  6. Thanks a million, Jackie. I'm hopin' and prayin' :)

  7. Stop fretting. The ms is fab.

    I'm very impressed by your restraint. My Christmas Kindle was two weeks late and that felt like an eternity. I'd have been shouting at someone way before this week. Glad it's arrived at last and glad you loved it. I can remember what my life was like before mine arrived.


  8. lovely kindle, Maya! and all good wishes for the sub. xx

  9. Lol, Suz! I think because I had other things i.e. ms to occupy my time, I managed to suppress the need to shout ;). Know what you mean about life before Kindle, although my iPhone Kindle helped a little :)

  10. Thanks Sally (and Suz, forgot to say thanks for ms good wishes :))

  11. Yay Maya, it's a totally fab story. The ed can't fail to be wowed by it. I cannot wait until you hear :-)

    PS Yay on the Kindle, too!

  12. Thanks Jo :) Sending good luck wishes after yours, too :)