Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Kicking A$$ And Taking Names!!

Okay, so I didn't kick a$$, not literally. And no, I didn't actually take any names either. *looks around sheepishly*

BUT, I did do one thing yesterday though, and that was to SEND OFF THE BOOK!!

Cue biggest SQUEEEEE EVAH!!! I spent the weekend polishing, primping and powdering it to within an inch of its life. Right this minute, Bastien & Ana should be having their post-landing-in-editor's-inbox celebratory brunch (unless I clicked on the wrong button and sent them to cyber no man's land - it's been known to happen!)

You have no idea how relieved I am that this ms has gone. And to celebrate, I've decided to do something different. No it's not shopping for shoes or more books, although... wait...no, the DH would kill me, fer sure!!

No, it involves more writing (alas the disease, it is ravaging!).

I've been thinking, it's time to tackle another single title. Now I have two stories pecking away at me - Naomi's story set in Alaska with Mason the lumberjack (stop smirking!), or Giselle's story set in the spectacular South American country of Belize. Both were started last year and are in various stages of completion, and Giselle's story is more advanced, but I'm torn as I'm equally excited about both. So I need your help deciding.

What do you think? Giselle or Naomi?



  1. Congrats, Maya! That's awesome news. Crossing fingers for you! As to your choice...argh, they both sound cool.

  2. Yay Maya! I'm so pleased for you.

    I vote for Naomi and her lumberjack. I want to see how that works :-)

    PS Post that full ms NOW. Minxes need some reading matter!

  3. Big congrats, Maya! That's totally fab.

    I'm voting for Giselle. Belize sounds wonderful, since it's quite snowy and cold here. :)

  4. Congrats Maya! I'm so excited for you! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed x

  5. Thanks Jackie! I'm relieved that baby's done with! Both sound cool, huh? Well since I tend to jump from ms to ms anyway, maybe I'll write both, lol!

  6. Thanks Jo! Looking forward the *ahem* lumberjack research. Promises to be fun!

  7. Hey Sutton, dear, great to see you here. Belize is a fantastic place that I'd love to visit one day. I'm already jealous of Giselle! Thanks for the vote!

  8. That is great news, Maya! Woohoo! The other story - your Angela one - is gone now isn't it? You're really on a roll & your DH gave such great advice last time, suggesting Ana & Bastien go in the post, why not do what he suggested again?
    Which one do you feel best about?
    Write that one!

  9. Thanks Sally! I cracked open Giselle's story yesterday and started tweaking a little, so I think I'm going with that one! Thanks :)

  10. Ooh, I definitely vote for Belize. Looking forward to those steaming hot jungle scenes!

  11. Great going, Maya!!

    you're on a roll!