Sunday, 21 November 2010

And The Editor Said...

I’ll tell you in a minute. First I’ll start at the beginning.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that (like most writers) every now and then I get the “meehness” about my writing. Guess what? A few months ago I did. Thanks for all your encouraging words and hugs btw, they helped lots.

However, during one of these “episodes” I did a foolish thing…I pinged off three chapters and a suckopsis to an Editor at Harlequin Mills and Boon. In my defence, I did it because of my DH. The poor man was so tired of my “meehness”, he pleaded with me to send, something, anything so I’d feel better (although I suspect he meant so he’d have to stop listening to me whinge).

So I pressed send on Bastien and Ana’s story.

Fastforward to Friday afternoon just before 4.30 (I know the time because I was due to sing happy birthday to a work colleague at exactly 4.30 and I couldn’t duck out of it because I’d already devoured a large proportion of her birthday cake!), I snuck a peek at my email.

Lo and behold, an email from Harlequin Mills and Boon!!!

And The Editor Said…

Send me the FULL. Wooohooooo!!!!

I’m very happy and excited and suffice it to say DH is feeling pretty smug about the whole thing too. I’m having to pander to said smugness, but hey, I can live with that. Just. For now I just need to finish the story, polish, polish, polish and send it on its way. Wish me luck?

In other news, my Christmas blog tour kicks off this Wednesday. Three of us Minxes are participating for the next four Wednesdays, along with seven other authors from The Wild Rose Press. Please stop by along the tour to show your support for Romy, Sally and me.

There are ten participating blogs and each and every blog will be running a tour contest, which means that you have ten chances to win! The tour is Christmas-themed so you'll also be able to get lots of holiday ideas, as well as pick up some new holiday reads. Please do drop by and give us your support by commenting etc. And just to make it worth your while, we’re giving away some seriously awesome goodies!!

For more information on the participating authors, the prizes they're offering, and who is visiting where and when, click here:

See you on Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Maya xx


  1. Yay!!!!!! Congratulations, Maya! This is so exciting!

    Happy Writing!

  2. Yay Maya!!

    So happy for you, Sneaky Minx ;-)

  3. Fantastic! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Thanks Jo Minx! *holds out hand for another deserved rap across the knuckles*

  5. Congratulations! Here's a little Minxy fairy dust for that full.

  6. Thanks Minx Romy. Minxy fairy dust certainly helps :)

  7. Yay Maya! I'm so delighted I can't even tell you...sqeeeee

  8. Fab news Maya, hope your fingers are flying furiously on the full! xx

  9. Thanks Sally, and squee for you too on the fab cover of Bound To Love!!

    Thanks Jo. I hope to get the fingers flying once I get home. At the moment, I'm cogitating at work ;)

  10. FANTASTIC!!! So thrilled for you, Maya. Send that baby off!

  11. Thanks Jackie. Vacillating between excitement and utter panic, hehe :)

  12. Well done, Maya! Yey. Fantastic news. judy

  13. I'm late to the party as usual but terrific news, Maya.

    Of course, she loved the partial. You write really well.

    lots of good wishes your way as you finish the WIP.


  14. Arriving very late indeed, but adding huge congratulaions.


  15. Thank you very much Sri and Suzanne, and it's never too late for congrats :)