Friday, 10 September 2010

More On New Voices Contest

Still unsure whether to enter the New Voices Contest?

Well, it's started and to date there are over 100 entries. Yes!!! So if you're still angsting over whether to push your baby out into the world, head on over to the Minxes Blog for some much needed encouragement.

There are some really great entries in there *cough Minx Lorraine's In Too Deep for example cough*, so your baby will be in pretty good company and won't feel so lonely. And if you're terrified of getting your baby bruised, I can tell you that most of the entries have received very fair comments so far.

So, go take a look at the Minxes Blog and send that chapter out!

You can do it!!!

Maya xx


  1. This is the second time of trying to post - so if the first comment turns up please delete this one.

    Great post, Maya.

    I'm still working on my chapter...

  2. Blogger has been playing silly buggers with me too, so no worries. Looking forward to cheering you on, Suz. All the very best with your entry!!


  3. I got my entry all cleaned up and posted, THEN found the FAQ page and realized my out-of-print garden books disqualify me. So sad!

  4. Oh, I'm so sad to hear that Becke! But the normal channels are still available so polish off those first 3 chapters and synopsis and send that baby off! Good luck!