Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Last Airbender...We Hope

So yesterday I took the kids to see this much talked about movie, written, produced and directed by none other than the genius that is M Night Shyamalan.

My one word review? Disappointing!

The storyline was disjointed, the dramatic pauses way over the top, the soundtrack poor and the special effects so below par that I wondered why he'd even bothered. There were so many ways he could have taken but he chose to strike somewhere between Harry Potter and Narnia with a very sad result.

As for the dialogue - I've never heard such weak dialogue in my entire movie going life. The weakest by far was "let your emotions flow [dramatic pause] like water" Whaaaa? Come on, my 8-year old can do so much better!

Even though I tried very hard to persevere, it said it all really when my 5-year old took off the 3D glasses I paid an extra 2 quid for, turned to me and said, 'Mummy, can I sleep?'

I patted his head and said, 'Go right ahead, sweeheart, I'll wake you when it's finished'.

As for the group of six teenagers who decided to hold a farting contest to alleviate their boredom, I say, what goes around comes around!

One thing I know is I won't be paying £24,95 to watch the sequel (which seems very likely if the last very, very telling scene is anything to go by!). I think I'm more disappointed since I normally like M Night's work.

So, anyone else seen this yet? What did you think?


  1. Hmm, no I haven't seen this one or actually even heard of it. Am very glad no child of mine has nattered to see it following your review!

    Grr on £25 wasted. You could have bought a fair few bottles of red with that :-)

  2. I know, Jo. I also spent another £30 alleviating the post-movie blues at Pizza Express, but that was very well received both by Pizza Express and the kids :) And yes, when I think of how many bottles of vino I could've had with that I shed a tear or three!

  3. Unfortunately, the movie did not have any of the good qualities of the much acclaimed animated series. I call it The Last Windbender, because it seems after his initial success, M. Night Shyamalan feels he can just blow it out his ass as far as movie making goes.

    I thought perhaps the disjointed story and poor special effects etc. were due to production problems or studio influences, but after reading an interview by M. Night, I realized, nope, the guy just thinks whatever he does is gold. Even windbending.

  4. ROFL, Kate. I saw an interview too, which made me think "I hope the movie is as great as he's making out or he'll look like an a$$!" Well, I guess you know what I think! So glad I'm not the not the only one who thought it was poor. Thing is, a colleague mentioned it wasn't great, but alas that's what I get for not saying no to my kids :)

  5. This one's totally passed me by - the kids are too little I think yet, and thankfully by the sound of it.
    Gawd, the cinema is expensive isn't it! It's crazy that a trip to see a movie and pizza costs around £60 isn't it? Drives me nuts.
    We went bowling on Sunday, and for one game for 4 peeps it cost £20! One game!

  6. Thanks for the much appreciated review. I'll take the recommendation and buy red instead.

    Gosh, who says no to their kids any way?? For movies, just for movies. :)

  7. Joanne, yeah, I reckon you've had a lucky pass with this one! Don't even talk to me about costs and those supposedly "3D" glasses that cost £2 each! I only saw one or two frames worthy of the 3D label, so I sat there the rest of the time feeling completely stupid for wearing those stupid glasses on top of my own glasses. Grrrr! The prices for popcorn and drink are a whole different blog post! Double Grrrr!

  8. You're welcome, Sutton :) At least we'll be watching Red with a purpose, huh? And of course, any excuse to watch Bruce Willis is very welcome ;)

  9. haven't been to the movies in so long,but yeah, did hear that this one was a total loss.

    sorry u had to sit through it :-(


  10. Thanks Sri! Yeah, 2 hours of my life wasted *sigh* Glad to see you up and about, though. Hope your little princess is going easy on you :)