Sunday, 1 November 2009

A Writer's Mission Statement - Seven Ways To Achieve Your Writing Goals

1. Write.

2. Go without food and water (chocolate allowed on Sundays) in order to achieve number one.

3. Neglect husband and kids and all manner of housework in order to achieve number one.

4. Procrastination, er, research allowed in order to enhance number one.

5. Consume copious amounts of alcoholic beverage of choice when achieving number one becomes impossible.

6. Repeat number 1 immediately after number 5 because a tipsy muse is sooo much more fun (trust me, I know this).

7. Hung Over? Write!

If you have a better suggestion or mission statement of your own, I’d love to hear it. In the meantime, I have a drunken muse whispering in my ear.

Happy reading and writing all.



  1. See, I eat while I write, so I'm not required to go without and my butt can grow along with my word count.

    Housework? Oh so neglected. Kids just climb on me while I try to work.

    Yep on the research.

    Consuming of copious amounts of caffeine here. Have spent too many of the ensuing years since I turned twenty one being knocked up to have ever even tried alcohol. I binge drink coffee while I write though.

    Write every day. Write when you don't feel like it. Write even when it's crap. Write because you have to. Write because if you don't the voices in your head will become so loud you won't be able to hear anything else!

  2. Great list, Maya. No wonder I can't get anything accomplished. It's just number five and the first part of seven I'm following! Will give the rest a try.

  3. Maisey, what a way to spend your twenties, high on alcohol and, er...okay, I'll be good. You can drink coffee during pregancy? I'd have been bouncing like Tigger! Personally, number five (the state I'm in right now, btw) works best! I let my inhibitions fly and it's sooo much fun! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. LOL, Sutton. Five always works for me. When DH stopped by my 'laptop station' with a tiny glass of wine tonight, I thought he was being kind. After two refills, I have a whispering muse, wobbly fingers and I can't feel my legs. It'll be fun to read this post tomorrow!


  5. I can drink coffee during pregnancy toward the end. Not in the beginning.

    And, IMO, when your husband is plying you with alcohol, I think he might be trying to get you into bed...which is what got me spending my twenties pregnant. Not the alcohol though as we already established.