Thursday, 1 October 2009

Facebook v Twitter?

Okay, I think it's time to come out and admit...I am not a great fan of Facebook! For some reason, every time I log on, I can't wait to log off again! For me, the endless, join this, friend here, poke that, fun wall this, has become too overwhelming! Plus I think my darling husband is stalking me there, which isn't good! :)

Now Twitter. It's easy, it's painless. Type words in, hit send, THAT'S IT! I especially love the way all links are compressed into a tiny url thingy (see I ain't savvy with techo stuff!). AND, you can tweet with lots of people in a short space of time without being poked, prodded or funwalled! Result!

I'm sure die-hard Facers out there would love to educate me. Feel free to try. I just want the know the easiest way to Facebook without feeling like I'm drowning slowly in quicksand.

In the meantime, I'll be tweeting on Come follow me!



  1. I haven't found the motivation to do the Twitter thing -- constant barrage of useless information based on what I see from those who insist on putting all their Tweets on Facebook, especially the ones where they're directing their news to another individual.

    As far as Facebook goes - I simply block all those applications and filter my groups so I only see updates from people I want to keep in touch with for different reasons. I'm normally in and out in under 30 minutes a day. I like that I can feed my blog directly to Facebook.

    You have to do what works for you, though.

  2. I'm not a fan of Twitter. I don't see the attraction. Yes, I'm there, but I've seen no results of it. I've just joined Facebook, so I'm withholding comment on that for the time being. :)

  3. I'm with Terry. I don't know if all this constant information sells any books. I do like that facebook will pick up my blog automatically. I have to put it into myspace by hand. myspace is another thing that I have my doubts about.

  4. I enjoy Twitter :) I get the facebook thing too - but I would easily choose twitter over facebook any day of the week. But I guess they both have their good points and their bad.

    Twitter can be annoying with all the "I'm drinking coffee" mundane postings. But if you search a tag for something of interest and follow someone, you never know where you next fan is going to come from.

    Facebook games and apps annoy and seem like a giant time suck - but if you limit yourself and don't get sucked into those games and apps, I have found it has uses both personal and professional.

    Myspace? done with that a long, long time ago.

  5. I'm so over MySpace! I love the mobile features of Facebook and openly confess, I've never tried Tweeting simply because I'm already overwhelmed with obligations and beeps and flashing lights on my phone. I too have my blog post on Facebook and it's a nice place to catch up more for personal friends I think, and writing acquaintances, than for fans.

  6. Excellent debate, ladies. I don't necessary love or hate either, I just find Twitter so much easier to use. It's also very easy to link things into your own website or other sites, which I find attractive. Now if I had oodles of time to burn, I'd probably try and navigate my way around Facebook, too. Myspace? That hardly registered on my radar!! Now I hear Google is launching its own Facebook/Twitter type site. I can feel my eyes glazing over already :)

  7. Hi Maya, thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

    Oh yeah, Myspace. Blech. Anyway...Facebook and Twitter serve two different purposes in my life. I use facebook to keep up with people I know and I don't poke anyone or kidnap or farm ANYTHING (not matter how often my mom tries to con me into it by trying to send me a little black sheep with a sad story about how no one loves him because he's different) I just keep track of loved ones.

    Lol on the hubby stalking you, BTW. Is your house so grand he has to resort to cyber espionage to keep tabs on you?

    Twitter...Twitter is a writing thing for me mostly. A chance to talk about writing stuff, much like my blog, and interact with people who are into writing and reading and romance like me. It's need to connect with people who share that. And it's just plain fun for a stay at home mom who likes a little humor in her day.

    Sassy one liners? It's like the thing was made for me...