Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hostage To Love - Cover & Blurb...

Crushed by betrayal, Belle Winkworth-Jones flees the shambles of her short-lived marriage…only to be kidnapped by a vicious rebel soldier determined to keep her for himself. Nick Andreakos mounts a ruthless rescue to save the wife who walked away from him, even though he's resentful Belle could dismiss their marriage so easily.

On Althea, their private Greek island where Belle recuperates, passion ignites, taking hold with relentless force. But in the shadows, danger lurks. The rebel soldier is determined to recapture Belle.
Can Belle and Nick set aside their differences in time to fight this threat and save their love, or will it be too late…?


  1. Great cover, Maya!!

    Sounds like a great story too!!

  2. Hi Maya, gorgeous cover. Congrats on your debut novel...here's to a bazillion more!!!


  3. Great going Maya! Cover portends a great read, looking forward to it. Kudos, ayekoo!!
    Stella (Motown, Clark House)

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by, it's lovely to see you!