Thursday, 16 April 2009

Headphones Or Divorce?

This was the question my husband bellowed at me when I stuck my favourite song on repeat and loudspeaker to help me finish my latest book, Vaia's Destiny. Of course, as I am wont to do, I wondered what would've happened if I'd bellowed back, "Divorce!"

What would the judge have said if when he asked, "Why are you dissolving this marriage?" my husband had replied, "Your Honour, it was headphones or divorce, and she wouldn't put on the headphones." Would we have been hauled to jail for wasting the court's time? Would social services have taken our kids away and labelled us bad parents? Et cetera, et cetera...

Oh sorry, did I say welcome to my blog? Welcome to my blog. I promise to be here often and not to let my mind wander...or wonder...too often.

But seriously, I'd love to know what wackiness gets your creative juices flowing (not too wacky, please), so leave me a comment.

For now, it's back to the headphones (yeah, I chickened out). Happy reading and writing.



  1. In our house it's my husband and the TV. I bought him headphones and a very long extension cable for Christmas! Now I just look at him with big eyes and a pout and he plugs in. I still get the visual, but if I'm deep enough, it doesn't distract me too much. However, he is learning and more often the TV is staying off while he does research on his laptop. Even there, he'll plug in the headphones so I don't have to listen to videos on woodworking. He can still be trained - Yes!
    Morgan O'Reilly

  2. LOL Maya. *sigh* The sacrifices one has to make... Although, I'd have to side with yr husband on this one. After the tenth time, I'd be pulling my hair out too.
    Welcome to the world of the bloggers.

  3. Hey girl, welcome to blogger! Be sure to jump over to mine and give me a shout out for a chance to win a free ebook!

  4. I prefer to put the headphones on because it helps me block out the world going on around me.

    Music always helps me sink into my story - different tunes for each tale, but something about Billy Idol's latest CD (the beat, I'll bet) always helps get my brain waves rolling.
    A nice long walk alone gets the blood pumping too, and I like to stimulate by brain by doing a Sudoku puzzle if I'm feeling cobwebby.

  5. Yippee! Thanks, Maya.

    I play the music that fits my book. For my Wild Rose release, Sacred Guardian, I got to listen to the hero's music (he was killed in 1968, so it was Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, the Doors, and so on) and for my punk-artist heroine it was mostly prog-rock like Sigur Ros and Radiohead.

    Headphones are a good idea ;-) Anything that keeps the peace.



  6. Gimme the headphones, I am right at the same place. My DH walks around talking all the time and he is losing his hearing, so he's loud.
    Headphones please!

  7. LOL -- love the story of headphones or divorce! Welcome to blogging, Maya!


  8. Welcome to blogdome... Not sure that the judge would toss anyone in jail. Most likely laugh and side with one party or another. lol

  9. Welcome to blogging. I like music too when I'm writing, but gratefully, no one is usually home when I'm blaring it--and if they are--my daughter has her earphones in and my husband is blaring his own tunes so it's all good if a little noisy!:)

  10. Maya - Nice to meet you! like you, I need the music. I thank heaven for my satellite radio.

    That said, I've trained my daughter to tug at my shirt if she REALLY REALLY needs my attention when mommy's typing at the computer. It's become a joke, but I focus so hard on what I'm doing that it doesn't matter WHAT's going on around me - I've got to keep going while the spirit moves!

    Thanks for the post! I needed that today!


  11. I read an article in Entertainment magazine about "earworms" which they define as songs that get into your head and won't get out. They can be good songs, but more frequently, they're songs you don't necessarily like. The earworm that inspired the column came for the commercial about getting free credit reports so you don't wind up working as a pirate at a fish restaurant. The most frequently mentioned earworm was The Macharena.

    Maybe your favorite song is an earworm for you husband. I vote headphones if that's the case.
    Barbara Scott

  12. Hey great blog. Happy to add you to my followed links!

    i drive my hubby nuts when I break out the Beatles or my Billy Joel albums. He he he he


  13. With me it's headphones on if only to block OUT whatever my DH is watching on TV LOL!! (usually sportscenter!) Love him passionately, but when I write, I go into a zone and don't really want to be disturbed unless it involves flood, fire, blood or other trauma... :-)

  14. I tend toward earphones myself - but usually as a buffer to block out whatever TV show (usually sports center! LOL!) that my DH is watching. Love him passionately, but when I go into a writing zone, I tend toward hyper focus and losing myself in the world of my story.... My hubby tolerates me well though!

  15. Congrats on your new blog! Funny topic. :)

    My hubby works from home and has to have the TV on while he works (my daughter is the same way when she does her homework), so the house is always loud. Although I've gotten good at tuning people/noises out when I'm working, I hadn't thought about headphones... Hmm. Any suggestions on types/brands?


  16. Earphones are a Godsend! I need them to block out the boys and their noise.

    Excellent blog, Maya!